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Through various media and community campaigns - radio, television and print, ELA shares the truth about how our mineral wealth and other resources are being stolen from us; and the need for us to nationalize our mines which have fallen into foreigners hands . Only when our people are aware, will they act to stand up and fight for what rightly belongs to them - our land, our country, our resources, our Zambia.

ELA General Secretary condemns the Zambian PF Governments mishandling/victimization of poor people in the fight against Cholera_Lusaka_2018

OFFICIAL PRESS STATEMENTRemove the Military from the street of Lusaka, Cholera can not be fought by guns!By: Mainda Simataa ELA General Secretary

Posted by Economic Liberation Association - ELA on Wednesday, January 3, 2018

ELA General Secretary Mainda Simataa says free education is possible for all Zambians


MUVI TV LIVE DEBATE: IS FREE EDUCATION POSSIBLE?THE CAMPAIGN CONTINUES...Once again, our leading socialist General Secretary was uncompromising on our demand for FREE EDUCATION AS A HUMAN RIGHT, and available for ALL ZAMBIANS. Comrade Mainda Simataa exposed the fallacy of the popular but backward myth that free education is not possible when the politicians, ministers, top govt officials and their children are the first and biggest beneficiaries of free education funded by our taxes. Listen and share...#feemustfall

Posted by Economic Liberation Association - ELA on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

ELA has long taken an uncompromising stance to advocate for the right to free education for all Zambians as a basic human right, and at government's cost. In June 2017, ELA lodged a Petition for Free Education to the Ministry of Education, a petition which has been ignored by the Ministers who themselves were beneficiaries of free education during the UNIP era: Ministers whose children are still entitled to free education while the majority of our young people languish without hope due to high cost of education.
"Fees Must Fall: education is not for sale, it is a human right for all, not just the rich!"
Mainda Simataa - ELA President and General Secretary

The continued theft of Zambia’s mineral wealth by multinational mining corporations has left millions of Zambia’s impoverished.

Words without works cannot bring about the revolutionary change and economic freedom that we hope for, and will achieve in our lifetime. When the situation calls for criticism, ELA is the first to criticize - last month we denounced the PF governments' decision to build a USD 2 million dollars New State House for the President when the majority of our people still live in filthy shanty compounds 53 years after political Independence. We went further to show our displeasure with a protest. We embrace activism highly; for we know that the day we cease to be activists about things that matter, is the day Zambia shall surely die for good, but not when we're still around.
"We believe action is divine, action speaks louder than words. We live by our word."
Matomola Likwanya - ELA Vice President - Political