The Economic Liberation Association - ELA, is a Zambian liberation movement founded in 2015 by a group of young socialist revolutionaries. Our agenda is to economically liberate Zambia and its over 17 million people from the shackles of abject poverty and economic oppression imposed on the country by capitalist entities such as the IMF and other mining multinational companies that continue to connive with and corrupt successive governments since 1991 to robe our people of their natural resources and vast mineral wealth. The Revolutionary Head Quarters of ELA is based in Zambia's capital - Lusaka.


Our ideology is socialism: we take after the ideology of our founding President Kenneth Kaunda. We still believe that government must plan and regulate the economy; that the nation's natural resources and critical means of production used for providing for the people's basic needs must never ever belong to private owners. Instead must be held as public property for the benefit of all, and not for the profit of a few. We are dedicated to the full economic emancipation of the motherland and its people from the yoke of capitalism and neo-colonialism which continue to ravage our people who have a rich land, yet live in poverty and squalor because our natural resources are some foreigner's private property.


Our objective is Economic Freedom in our lifetime. We continue to build ourselves up to become the only revolutionary political alternative to end the misery, poverty and suffering caused by the atrocious political and economic policies of the present-day neo-liberal self-serving government of corrupt, incompetent, ignorant, inept and recycled leaders. We believe that political freedom without economic freedom cannot deliver the Independence promise of 1964. Our people still deserve better: they have the human and immutable right to quality food, housing, jobs, free (government funded) education, healthcare and other essential services for all.



| Our Revolutionary objective #3 - Nationalization of our Mines |
Mining is Zambia's oldest, largest and highest earning economic activity,

Yet under foreign ownership and control, Zambians benefit nothing from it.
Economic Freedom means we shall Nationalize the mines so that
Our people can become owners, and not just labourers in these mines.
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HELLO AFRICA! A Revolutionary Poem by Zambian Artist_Cde Mwanangwa Zombe