Liberia has gone to the Dogs: Footballer George Weah will be the Ultimate American Puppet President!!!

By Mainda Simataa | ELA General Secretary Comments on the Election of George Weah as 25th Liberian President | 28 December 2017 | Lusaka Zambia |

Why Are Africans Good at Electing and Celebrating Bad Leaders?
From the celebration of Mnangagwa as Zimbabwe’s white-farmers President, to the raucous ululating of Ramaphosa as ANC Leader and 2018 white-monopoly candidate, and now the praise heaped on George Weah as new Liberian President and American puppet; one wonders where and when this mass madness and celebration of the inept, corrupt and mediocre leaders will end?
Weah therefore comes as no surprise; for in Africa, you can always count on the masses to choose unwisely! It is therefore criminal and utterly stupid of the Liberian people to celebrate the election of Weah – a tired and retired footballer with a longing for the spotlight; and think that somehow or other, Weah will succeed were Sirleaf Johnson, a Harvard trained Economist, and American corrupted puppet failed!

Election Miss of the Year
The election of George Weah as Liberia’s 25th President is a mistake and tragedy for a nation that is yet to recover from the devastating effects of American sponsored political and economic instability! This popular choice of Weah begs the question; why are Africans good at electing bad leaders? Why do they have such a penchant and knack for the inept, mediocre and corrupt? Liberia has gone to the dogs with Weah. Liberia needed a strong-willed man who would stand up to the United States’s rubber and resource-imperialism and say no more interference in my country! But what does the man from AC Milan know about America’s intrigues and long-standing interference in Liberia’s political affairs? The election of Weah makes very sad reading indeed, its opens another dark chapter in the life of that sorry nation of American slaves! Weah will certainly fit into the American Jigsaw puzzle of power as a political pawn, and not King of Liberia, which is what he should be, but is not, nor will ever be! Weah will be remembered as a big mistake!

Liberians will Learn the Hard Way – through Suffering!
The irresponsible and foolish choice of the Liberian masses reminds us of the lamentations of Kenyan born Pan-Africanist and Professor PLO Lumumba. Time and again, he likens African democracy to the analogy of goats electing hyenas to take care of them, and when the goats are consumed by the hyenas, they wonder why? Indeed, how and why should a man whose only fame and claim to the highest office of the land of Liberia be that he is richer than most Liberians, and that he was a great popular footballer enjoying life in Europe while his country was at war with itself? Where has this cheap and dangerous unthinking populist approach to serious matters of State come from? Why would the people of Liberia elect an entertainer whose football skills count for nothing in the political field to lead them?

Indeed, it is tragically true, that President elect, ‘Chicken’ George is the first athlete to ever become president on the African continent because, in many African countries, voters, despite being poorly politically educated, at least have the common sense to know that a leader on the football field is a hopeless choice for any political appointment. This is because politics is the most dynamic, intricate and difficult task of any nation, especially in these globalization times where capitalist nations and corporations are busy planting spineless leaders who can sell off African resources for next to nothing!

In Zambia, Footballers Place is on the Football Field, not Political Office!
In Zambia, the furthest and highest office our footballing hero, Kalusha Bwalya, 1989 Africa footballer of the year ever got to hold was the office of National team coach. Thereafter, he was elected as Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) President. We knew he was good on the ball, but not off the ball. And so society restricted him to areas where he could serve the country well, and in 2012, he delivered the prestigious AFCON Africa Cup to Zambia for the first time! But never have we ever dreamed that he should vie for Republican Presidency one day. Our national problems are too numerous and too complex that a footballer wouldn’t know what to do about the growing domination and impunity of the Chinese, Indians, whites and Lebanese in our country!

Every man must know his limits, his purpose, and certainly, a footballers must know where he best fits in, and he must be kept in his place, lest he make a mess of things, as George Weah will surely do when he realizes Liberia takes its orders from the White House in Washington DC. And given that Washington now has a mad man in the White House, Weah will be a hopeless match for Trump, and will serve as Trumps ball boy and poster boy of American capitalism in Africa. And as soon as he realizes that Liberia is nothing without American dead-aid, he will swallow every word and order he is told, and that is when he will need his dribbling skills on the political field of play, when the Liberian people realize that they have been well and truly dribbled by a man who knows not how Liberia can get out of its economic quagmire! 

A Lesson on Choice of Leaders from Plato, Who is the Captain of the Ship?
Plato, in his groundbreaking and immortal postulation of the Republic, once asked a fundamental question which today’s African voter must pay critical attention to, if we are to avoid this present scourge of Africa being misled by foreign-anointed and controlled puppet leaders. The question still stands today as it did 3000 years ago: given the analogy that a nation is a ship sailing on high tempestuous sea’s, who would we, the citizens or passengers aboard that ship want as our captain? Would we pick any man aboard the ship on the basis of his stardom or popularity as an entertainer or some other trade unrelated to sailing; or would we search for a man who is trained and skilled in the art of navigation on the high seas? Logically, we would definitely chose and pick the man knowledgeable and capable of executing the task of ship captain! Why, because we instinctively know that our hopes of arriving at our destiny in one peace depends on the caliber of the man in whom we have entrusted our fate!

Let us Learn to Choose wisely
Let us use our common sense as voters, let us use and not abuse our votes. We can only assure our own safety, freedom and economic prosperity as Africans, by ensuring that the leader of the ship, or the Republic, is a trained and tested seaman; not a populist joker or opportunistic character like Weah who because he had the name and the money decided to try his luck in politics, and won! When we are sick we seek the doctor, when we want bread we seek the baker, when we need fish, the fisherman provides, so why should it be that when we seek a national leader we turn to a man who spent almost his entire life chasing a ball? What skills can one transfer from the football field to the political field?

We Socialists, Pan-Africans, and Progressive forces submit that George Weah should be the first and last African footballer/athlete/entertainer to disgrace our revolutionary politics and bring the African struggle into contempt and ridicule. We love and honour our football legends on the playing field, they amaze and entertain us. But we also know that Political leaders and legends are never born on the football field, they are born and bred from long years of political struggle!

*No More Jokers and Entertainers in African Politics!
*No More Foreign anointed and appointed Political Puppets for President!
*The African Revolution must be led by men from the ranks of the Oppressed!
*Forward with the freedom and Unity of all Africa!

The author of this article is a Socialist Revolutionary, Pan-Africanist and Leader of the ELA | Email: | Twitter: @MSimataa |
More at | Facebook: Economic Liberation Association | Africa Unite |

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115 Comments on “Liberia has gone to the Dogs: Footballer George Weah will be the Ultimate American Puppet President!!!

  1. Clap for yourself, you have “done very well”. Zambia calling Liberia out? In this age, you have kids dying from lead toxin, cholera is on the lose and a foreign minister resigning over corruption. If zambia restricted its legend to being team coach, its all good, thats Zambia’s cup of tea. Leave Liberia and Liberians the heck alone. You are no expert on democracy and the gains of ” an ivy trained president”. Liberians see different. It is clear that you are one angry person blaming the west for all of Africa’s problems. Ole boy, get some therapy and whilst you at it, take several seats!!!

  2. It is better you think & concentrate on your own country’s mishap ( which country you are from ) than to worry and argue that Liberians don’t know what’s good for them.
    Remember what’s bad for the goose is good for the gander.

  3. Dear Author:
    Your article is a demonstration
    of your sheer madness and reckless intellectual arrogance.You can not convince even one person in Monrovia to believe in your ideology. How long has your website existed ?What major news outlet in the world can give credence to your website ? George Weah came to politics not because he is a sophisticated politician but because he believes as a man from the slum that economic and political equity must be for all. He made wealth in a society free of conflict and having lived in Europe and saw the organization of the European society and governance, he returned to Liberia after retirement and saw the contradiction of two worlds.The Howard trained Economist fail to fight corruption as it is now a vampire,nepotism was at its height,concession were bogus and education was a mess,unemployment is 80% and more .I still wonder were you completed your academical s to question the majority will of the Liberia people.Your cognition is erratic and you might well visit Liberia and come and find out for yourself.
    This articles should only have been written by a dog.Wish you are not one.

  4. This article brings a lot on the table for discussions; most of which I agree with; some I resent because the facts fail to rise above personal sentiments and are indeed words pride; yet there are aspects that I refute to the code given as: 1. President Trump is not a made man because made men don’t build successful business. 2. George Weah is not the best suited for Liberian presidency yet he is a leader.
    3. LIBERIA is not Zimbabwe and we do not politically stere- type cultural limitations for the potentials of our citizens like you did your football. 4. I do agree that Africa needs leaders steel to push the PanAftican agenda and protect their national heritage.

  5. Thanks for your salient analysis, Mainda Simataa. Although the majority opted to vote President-elect George Weah for the presidency, the minority but conscious minded populace do believe that he is not the kind of leader Liberia needs for emancipation. However, this should serve as a caveat to all Africans; in any crucial elections we should not underestimate the fans of a celebrity or an entertainer. We should prevent them from participating in said elections because we might just get doomed by their ascendancy to higher seats.
    As the majority had already spoken through the ballots, all we can do now is to wrap our hands around him to work along with him in ensuring our that Liberia gets her requisite leadership she requires, because Liberia is all we have as a Country.

  6. Thanks for your salient analysis, Mainda Simataa. Although the majority opted to vote President-elect George Weah for the presidency, the minority but conscious minded populace do believe that he is not the kind of leader Liberia needs for emancipation. However, this should serve as a caveat to all Africans; in any crucial elections we should not underestimate the fans of a celebrity or an entertainer. We should prevent them from participating in said elections because we might just get doomed by their ascendancy to higher seats.
    As the majority had already spoken through the ballots, all we can do now is to wrap our hands around him to work along with him in ensuring that Liberia gets her requisite leadership she requires, because Liberia is all we have as a Country.

  7. This is utter stupidity from a hogwash nitwit in an improverished desperate Zambian seeking relevance at the expanse of another nation. Who writes a ton of stupidity as such and thinks he’s made any sense? You have no idea about leadership and the historicity of the nation Liberia. Get your mad pills and swallow to resuscitate you sensitivity. Till then, you’re a despereate idiot.

  8. The entire media, or whoever you are that wrote this crap is an idiot. Leave our Liberian politics to us, we know where we coming from politically and we know where we are heading as a country. George Weah must not have been loved by few people, but he won the Election and we Liberian are willing to make him successful. Lastly talk about the ills that your country is facing and leave ours that has not even started.

  9. The real president that is referred to as a dog is the president of Zambia, Edgar Lungu. Mainda Simataa, you are a stupid writer who lacks discipline and integrity.

  10. Mainda Simataa, when did you become the judge of another country’s decision as to who they vote as their President? Have you appointed yourself as expert on the social and political dynamics of the Liberian society? Am sure Zambia has no problems of her own right? Your characterization of the Liberian people as being “criminal and utterly stupid to celebrate the election of Weah” is a sad representation of your ignorance of Liberia, its people and its context. i advise you spend some time focusing and highlighting whatever problems Zambia has and stop insulting the Liberian People.

  11. It is unfortunate that you choosed to write such derogatory and nonsensical piece against the son and choice of the Liberian people as a puppet to American President and a person, who’s not qualify to lead the Liberian people who have been suffering for the past 12 years under a Harvard trained educated leader with rampant corruption at its highest level ever. Liberia isn’t the first country in the world, to elect an entertainer, the greatest and powerful country on earth, elected Ronald Reagan, who was a movie star and became one of the best and great leader of the USA. I know that, we Africans like to demean and denigrate athletes because we think, that they are not educated, which is not true. For 170 years as an independent country(Liberia) we have been ruled and led by socalled educated and progressive leaders and what have they done for the peoples and country? After 170 years as the first independent country in Africa with billions of dollars investment, Liberia is underdeveloped with no infrastructural, economic, educational and healthcare development? So, this is the genuine reason, the people have decided to try a different leader, who is not a career politicians. For your information, there is no country in Africa that can survive on their own economically, socially and educationally with America and Europe aids and you know that. So according to my view, your piece against our President elect is biase and disrespectful.

  12. Mainda Simataa, what an essay! Well drafted and written by the edge of an arrow (The Pen). Yet, this article lacks a true motif as your ideology put forward is based on perception that people playing football are not fit in the society of governance. Remember, the same was said of President Reagan of the United States during his presidential campaign in 1978 after which he was elected president in 1980. This is the act of stereotypes which in today’s world has no place. What Africa needs nowadays for better social and economic development is technocrats who are practically fit to discharge functions based on ability and love for their people rather than the “mere vocabularies” with empty results like in the case of outgoing president, H. E. ELLEN Johnson Sirleaf. Please take a deep breath and look at the case of Rwanda and H. E. Paul Kigami and the huge transformation going on in that African nation today. Please give People the chance and opportunity to prove themselves right or wrong before you jump into early conclusions which could be wrong.

  13. You’re an ignorant dog that knows nothing about Liberia! Stay out of our politics and continue with your mediocre journalism. As much as I didn’t support George Weah’s Presidential run, your characterization of him and Liberia is wrong and such analyses can only be coming from a peanut-sized brain journalist of your kind! Focus on fixing your personality first and then developing your mental capacity before you can talk about Liberia!!! Focus on the mess in Zambia and help extinguish the fire in your own failing home before you can look next door !

  14. I can tell from your writing how bitter you are with the election of Amb Weah. I don’t know where you come from with such a bitter feelings but one thing is clear in your writing;it is the many mis-inform information you are painting about Sen. Weah.

    The first thing that must be dispel here is about his days in Europe while playing soccer and his reactions to news in Liberia. During his glorious days in Europe,Mr. Weah never ever forgot about Liberia. He was one of those Liberians who singled handly awaken the world to the chaos in Liberia. He visited refugees camps on numerous occasions to feed the starving,comfort the bereaved and seek treatment for the sick.

    To bring smile back on our faces,he used his personal funds to sponsor the National team,the Lonestar. He make sure that the flag of Liberia was still flying across the world with proud and dignity.

    Do not insult the intelligent of the Liberian people under the conditions of how they voted on December 26,2017. The information you have painted here about Mr.Weah is diabolical and misleading! I believe,it is meant to get some attentions from the world you live in.

    As for the American story,I guess you know a lot about “puppet” leaders across the world.

  15. Furthermore, in addition to my previous response, I would like to clearly state that I would rather give my support to a Footballer who is not a corrupt figure than a well educated politician who has mastered the stealing and embezzlement game of Africa.

  16. I am not sure why the author choose to spew venom at President-elect Weah. I take the liberty not to respond to the many skewed parochial thoughts put forward instead, I will help him recognize a simple lesson: anything is possible and it is wrong to define people entirely by our own measures! He started in soccer but that is not his only area. Businessmen and people of other trades have gone on to be fine statesmen. Nothing is new under the sun. That Zambia does not think the Bwala can think enough to lead more than the FA is his and Zambia’s loss and problem. Liberians or as you put it ‘the masses” don’t agree. Your doomsday prophecy is discounted. Pray for long life and let’s come back to this article in 2years.

  17. Hello Simatta,
    First of all, let me say that most of this nonsense you write about Liberia and Liberians are misleading and untrue. It is very much divisive, stupid and if you don’t have anything sensible to write, find something about your country to write on and leave Liberia along. Nonsense.

  18. In as much as I didn’t support Amb. Weah’s candidacy, I detest this disrespect of a post. You shouldn’t refer to a President elect and sitting President of your country as those neither should you do so to others’. We’re praying for Him and we’ll work with him to make our Liberia better. He hasn’t come to succeed where somebody else failed but he has come to succeed wherever he’ll try. Liberia will not fall! She’ll rise again, this time higher than she has ever been before. Let’s stop the hating! We have him as President and there’s nothing we can do about it till 2023.
    Speaking of mistakes that Africans make, I think their will to disrespect Leaders is the one mistake that’s always taking us back. Let’s learn to respect our leaders.
    The Lonestar forever!
    Long live Liberia!
    Long live Africa!

  19. This guy (Mainda Simataa) himself is a dog. How dare he referred to someone who the people of Liberia have elected that way. I don’t think he’s a true African. I urge this ELA SG to be more professional, sound in his writing whatever articles he writes and to respect other Africans for decisions they made. I urge Mainda to never in his lifetime write with such madness. You don’t understand the Liberian politics and don’t reasons why George was elected and why his fiercest rival was defeated.

  20. So true dear. We said it but our fellow Liberians failed to listen to us.
    Only god can safe us from the hands of some ordinary footballer
    At least if he was some intelligent guy it was going to be better, but some who failed to learn despite living in western for most part of his life.

  21. I will STRONGLY urge you to do some basic research on the man that George Weah is…his upbringing and decades of contributions to Liberia. Your article lacks depth of understanding and I see is written from a vantage point of half baked half facts blended with ignorance…and this is not even from a Weah Supporter.

    We need to do better Mainda! We owe it to Mama Africa!

  22. So educative, and inspiring release. I am also ashamed of my mother’s land Liberia for the political decision made at the ballot box. There were so many political prophecies before the Liberian elections but the Liberian people refused to discern the messages of the political prophets. The African Israelis are Liberians on planet earth. Liberians always want a new political leader for so-called change. Time is the usual witness in Liberia. This reminds me of the the 1997 elections in Liberia of their old song the Liberian people once sang, “You Killed my Father and my Mother, I will vote for you.” 2017 elections brought a new song ” You know book or not we will vote for you for a change.”

  23. All what you said is true,but what can we do as African to stop it.When majority of our people aren’t educated,moreover country let Liberia can’t support itself,so they will always be America ball boy,no matter who we put there.Liberia is a beging country,may God help Liberia,I cry when weah was elected president of Liberia. I am kindly asking ever African leaders to please help weah to stop this beautiful country from falling,with there advice and experience,,,,Africa is for African.

  24. For us Liberians, every stupid and fool person or anyone acting or behaving foolish and stupid in Liberia is usually associated with the country in Africa called Zambia.
    So, we are not even worry about this article because it was written by a Zambian or just a very stupid person.
    Anyone can pay a visit to Liberia and just ask: how do you Liberians called a very stupid person?
    All Liberians will say, Zambian!
    So this no news at all.

  25. As a Liberian reading this I’m ashamed but also feel vendicated that someone from afar is seeing thing through the same Len as me. Many Liberian are off similar views expressed in this article but in a country with a illiteracy rate of 78%, we were vastly outnumbered. Democracy is a numbers game and sadly the majority made the decision they made few weeks ago. All we can do is hope and pray that he prove us wrong because we’ve been down this road before with Samuel Doe and we all know how that ended.

  26. While we as Liberians understand your use of dogs as a figure of speech, it is yet insulting. The irony of your illusion of sophistication is that poor Zambia is no different than Liberia. You’re still chronically poor, critically uneducated and sadly still drenched in colonial induced low self-esteem.

  27. This is how our so call intellectual ,political activis and analyzers have suggested for us, it’s so pitiful as Liberian to see our nation been led by such an inept,political raucous and entertainer .
    We fought with our pen and our intellect might but our low sense brabees said , education is not important to rule Liberia and the country doesn’t need ,political thinkers, philosophy and well fortified intellectual like H Boimah fahnbulleh Jr. For it to be developed.
    Analysis Full of innuendo.
    We as Liberian shall all bear the consequences .

  28. Your article is trash,it born out of bitternes or whatever personal beef you have against footballers or entertainers.Leadership is not a personal property of an exclusive class of Men.Liberia is not Zambia the socioeconomic factors that inform the decision of the Zambian electorates differ from ours.Your prediction of doom and gloom will come back to hunt you But Liberia will Rise and Prosper.The Paridigm of African politics is shifting while some of you are still glued to the old order.You should be ashamed of yourself for not fully researching what informed the decision of the Liberian people than to insult a nation because they did not play to your gavel.God bless Zambia,Shame on you

  29. You Mr. foolish publisher, I think you should consentrate on your messes economic crisis than thinking about Liberia. It is unbelievable to write sure out source and nonsensical post about Africa’s finest son called “The Pride of Africa” by Nelson Mandala. You must focus on the below economic crisis of your country Zambia.
    Will Zambia’s worst economic crisis in more than 10 years impact President Lungu’s chance of re-election?
    LUSAKA (Reuters) – Informal currency trader Jabulani Lungu thinks Zambia’s ruling Patriotic Front has had its chance, and he hopes this week’s general elections will bring in a new party to steer the economy out of a slump.
    Like many other Zambians, Lungu, who is not related to President Edgar Lungu, is worried about rising food and transport costs, unemployment, chronic electricity shortages and a violent campaign in one of Africa’s most peaceful countries.

    “The main issue in these elections is the economy,” the 31-year-old said before the Aug. 11 vote for a new president, vice president, mayors and councillors. “The kwacha has lost value and businesses are finding it hard to survive.

    “Also, there is too much corruption, which we are able to see every day here on the streets. If we are seeing corruption on the streets, what more is in government offices?”

    Zambia’s currency, the kwacha, fell more than 2 percent in value on Monday, as data showed China’s demand for copper had slumped 14 percent in July.

    Zambia is Africa’s second-biggest producer of copper, which is a mainstay of its economy. With prices near six-year lows, mining companies have closed mines and cut thousands of jobs.

    Consequently, the economy grew only 3.6 percent in 2015 compared with a target of 7 percent, according to the Bank of Zambia. The central bank said it expected growth to edge up to 3.7 percent this year. Inflation, meanwhile, is running at more than 20 percent a year.

    Zambia is in talks with the International Monetary Fund over a possible financing deal, after conceding its budget deficit, which has averaged 4.8 percent of gross domestic product in the last two years, was unsustainable.

    “Zambia is facing its worst economic crisis in more than 10 years … The political contest has never been this fierce,” the South Africa-based Institute for Security Studies said in a note on the election.

    The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) hopes to tap into this frustration, as grapples with the impact of a balance of payments shortfall caused by diminishing demand for the metal.

    Led by wealthy economist turned businessman Hakainde Hichilema, the UPND has pledged to boost power supplies, provide free education, increase agricultural output to reduce reliance on copper and cut what it calls wasteful government spending.

    Lungu is a former lawyer who narrowly beat Hichilema in a vote early last year to replace Michael Sata, who died in office in October 2014. He insists his government has made strides in improving Zambia’s road network, commissioning new power plants and investing in agriculture with limited resources.

    “I think this government has tried its best. President Lungu was elected when Zambia’s economy was under severe stress,” said Stanley Mulenga, a 26-year-old street vendor selling clothing items on Lusaka’s bustling Cairo road. “We need to give the current government more time to improve things.”

    The pre-election period has been marred by violence, forcing the Electoral Commission of Zambia to impose a 10-day ban on campaigning in some parts of the southern African country.

    The UPND accused the commission of manipulating last year’s election results in favour of Lungu – a charge it rejected – and says this week’s vote will not be free and fair, with police blocking several of its rallies.

    Analysts predict the result could be even closer than it was in 2015, when Lungu scrapped through with 48.3 percent of the vote compared with 46.7 percent for Hichilema.

    The opposition scored a political point this week when Zambia’s Constitutional Court ruled that cabinet ministers were in breech of the law by remaining in office after parliament was dissolved in May.

    “The ruling adds credence to the opposition’s allegations that the ruling administration has been trying to push its incumbency advantage, partly by using state resources for campaigning,” said Bjorn Dahlin Van Wees, Africa analyst at the Economist Intelligence Unit.

    “This will mar the credibility of the vote and a disputed outcome is highly likely, raising tensions further.”

    (Additional reporting by Chris Mfula, editing by Larry King)

    © Thomson Reuters 2016 All rights reserved
    Don’t ever put your mouth where your grandfather hands can’t reach idiot.

  30. You will surely be proven wrong. Your pre-calculated thought will serve as the stage for your unprofessional practice.

  31. Hmmmm great analogy from my Zambian colleagues. Liberia like Zambia is still being controlled and manipulated in many spheres by western countries simply because “we are unable to make our own decisions with out fighting or killing each other. Our democracies are still immature and fragile”. George is President now, I wouldn’t call him a puppet. He’s Liberia’s President and should be respected as such. I hailed the analogy here in this opinion piece but do not subscribe to describe a newly elected leader of another independent country as a puppet. Liberians did what they could. Not the best decision offcourse, but it is what it is.

  32. This is one of crappy articles I have ever read in recent times. Oh, how I wish you knew the contextual realities of African corrupt political play. Why wouldn’t football legend be President? Why wouldn’t he dribbles to score goals upon goals that would transform the lives of Liberians!?You just don’t know what you saying! Get ready for profound and tangible surprises. You dont even know how God works! So sleep and watch our situation. Remember this, Liberia is moving in the right direction for your information.

  33. You are the idiot inept fool..thinking you know what is good for the majority of Liberians as far as our struggles matter.
    It would be better you use this judgement on the newly hand picked president of your country….

  34. You must have been a bully in school..and now you are using the key board to continue your cowardly work behind closed doors.
    “In Zambia footballers place is on the football field and not in politics” according to you…Well maybe in Zambia your dreams are limited if there are many idiots like you .
    George Weah has been many more things since his last game on the soccer pitch and even during his worst times you will never match the man he was and now.

  35. I think analyzing another country’s president leadership is not a bad thing but with logic and not abusive words, Liberians know what is best for them, cuz they are the ones living there, rejecting the VP was because of their dissatisfaction with the previous regime just as how Mahama was changed for Nana Ado.
    fellow Africans lets learn how to be respectful to our leaders and speak the truth to them in a humble manner.

  36. I didn’t vote for George Weah for a range of personal reasons. I considered myself as being part of the population that constitutes the so-called intellectuals and educated Liberians in Liberia. As one of the intellectuals and educated Liberians, I should be able to justify the power of my education and intellectualism to President Weah by making recommendations and suggestions to him that will take Liberia forward rather than condemned him. Condemning President Weah will mean that he and I, are in the same category, something I cannot do so easily nor I am prepare to compromise this stance. This is because, I will want for Weah to know that we are not in the same boat, and that I am several steps ahead of him. I will therefore need to take President Weah through a path that will enlighten his mind—that path is by-way of recommendations and suggestions, not through the path of condemnation, insults, resentments, indifference, gossips, double-standards and deceptions. These are not the virtues or characteristics of intellectuals and well-educated Liberians. These are the virtues of fools and uneducated people. I don’t want to be in such population.
    Jones Mallay, Dallas Texas, USA.

  37. Because you are a writer and passionate about Africa’s liberation, doesn’t give you the right to call any one stupid or criminal let alone an entire nation.
    You are not in the shoes of the people who voted Weah as President. So take your chill pils and leave Liberians alone.

  38. I think your analysis is very stupid, you are one he goat I don’t know what the fuck your name is . You are from the belly of the devil and one of those belly driven so callrevolutionary, stupidity to the highest.

  39. Liberia has high level of illiteracy and the youth in the majority. This is similar to the day of Charles Taylor. As the wife of Charles Taylor said, she will bring the platform of Taylor as CDC wins

  40. Well penned brother. I salute you for this splendid article. Remember our country is good at setting history. We are prepared to live with it bro.

  41. I beg to differ with your radical and unrealistic analysis of the president elect HE Ambassador King Gorge Maneh Opong Weah. As a human we got to evolve, avoiding a repetitive political errors that have plagued the fabric of our continent Africa. Are you implying that time and again Africa hadn’t elected seasoned politicians who don’t live up to expectations or so called unfit politicians who did the contrary.. let me take you out of your illusions. Liberia have had great but unpatriotic presidents the like of William vs Tubman, William R Tolbert, Ellen J Sirlief, Sirlief was always critical of all her predecessors regimes and when her time finally reached in 2005 she was given the benefits of the doubt since she was over qualified as relates to Mr Weah but what did she do she miserably failed the liberian people she said ” corruption is well alive in my government” and according to audit her government is ten times more corrupt than the most corrupt government in the history of liberia. So tell me politically what does Ellen lack nothing other than the political Will to improve the living standards of the people that elected her twice. However, the election of Mr Weah by liberian was not out of mere stupidity as claimed by you and others but of cynicism of the so called qualified politicians. Finally, the philosophy of certain people should rule a nation had saw many pragmatics and patriotics brains perished with given a chance to deliver their nations.

  42. The article is spot on and long over due though. Orof. PLO Lumu Mama rightly analysed our African Leadership dilemma in comparing the African masses vis- a- vis African Leaders (with a few exceptions) to Goats and Hayinas.
    My King Jesus Christ spoke about these “illusions” in the according to the Gospels of Luke.; and this is a thousand long years before Plato the Greek philosopher. I believe Plato indeed read the Apostle Luke’s account of Jesus Christ.
    In contemporary Africa “blind men are leading blind men” in reference to Jesus’ s parable (Luke 6:39); the African masses are accustomed to voting personalities rather than policy issues. From another perspective; thus is a direct result of a majority colonial and Neo-colonial mindset and enslaved mentality in terms of cause and effect. Thus, a mass of “Goats are being lead by a few dominant mass of Hayinas” …
    This “manufactured consent” (prof.Noam Chomsky) has produced a “democratic farse” across our continent transforming our illiterate and ill-informed pupulace to foolishly build political houses on hopes (“the wise and foolish builders” Luke 6:48-49); failing to realizability that “No good tree bears bad fruit”, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit”, because “each [political] tree is recognizer by its own fruit” (Luke 6: 43-44). Hence; the notion “birds of the same fethers flock together”…
    We Africans should by now be capable and able to identify that “people do not pick figs from thornbushes, nor grapes from Briers; for good men bring forth good things out of the good stored up in their hearts, and evil men produce evil things out of evil deeds stored in their hearts” ( Luke 6:44 – 45).
    The truth of our African tragedy is that African Leaders (with the excception of Madhiba Mandela, Kenneth Kaunda, Thomas Sankara and a few good others) speak not out of the “abundance of the heart”…
    They mouth lies and deceitful political promises at the expense of a monopoly capitalist commodity so-called HOPE!
    And the intransic result is our current African Leadership dilemma and geopolitical crises across the continent fifty years postcolonial inheritance of Neo-colonial enslaved mindset.

  43. Just to be brief whoever wrote this article is very silly or in other words stupid of speaking of another country President in such a manner. I personally don’t support or want George as a president but he’s been elected and deserves a chance. Moreover, the so called educated dumb ass people are the ones that plunged the country into mess or war and its the same so called educated people a good for nothing Ellen Johnson and her family corrupted the country. Dumb ass give the young man a chance before calling him a puppet you guys are quick to prejudge and come up with stupid comments.

  44. This is gibberish, balderdash, a complete stray writing. I will drive red-pen through this nonsense on the Gratitude Show tomorrow in Monrovia.

  45. The above article is brainless. How can an educated person composed this in public, the Liberians made their choice, let them stay with their choice. From 1847 to present, Liberia had been ruled by educated leaders excluding the late former President Samuel K. Doe; where are the Liberians better upstanding, and they are still the poorest Country in Africa? Liberians are looking for positivity but not negativity. It is not written in any book that leaders have to be a particular person. Murmuring around will not stop the sun from shining; change and supports are what the Liberians need. Sitting around and saying nonsense is not what the Liberians want; finally, it is God will and nobody can’t change it. We must accept it, live with it, sleep with it, and die with it.

  46. This article has some relevant points which are overshadowed by the insulting tone towards democratically elected heads of state. The context in which the article is written points to some level of bias against a regime led by President Elect George Weah. The fact remains that the will of the Liberian people has been heard and their collective hearts are rallying under a banner of patriotic love for a man who represented his nation at the highest level of the most popular world sport. Liberia’s fragile democracy needs a leader to unite the people and give them hope of a more meaningful life.

    “One can lead a nation only by helping it see a bright outlook. A leader is a dealer in hope.”
    Napoleon Bonaparte

  47. Mr Moninda Simataa
    I am sorry for your disapproval of our choice
    But you forgot one important thing
    The shoe you speak of is not on you
    So how do you know how it feels
    Don’t be too show that our decision was unwise
    Our president was ordained by the almighty
    He is aware of the 170 years hole we are in
    So we did not go to the Dogs
    We went to God

  48. I will first of all say thank you for your articulation, u made a very brilliant points but Weah did not just jump from AC Milan as u claimed and enter the political fields. I am a Liberian; as u mentioned Kalusha Bwalya being the head coach and FA President of Zambia as his highest position, it is because the people of might not be too corrupt to the point where they could bring calamity on their very self. George Weah issue is different in that; when he retired from the football field and came home, he requested to take over the Liberian football association and was denied because of rampant corruption. The corrupt officials put politics into FA demanding only Africa world best to sponsor a club team locally before he can be accepted to lead the FA. Not withstanding, he did agreed with them and sponsored a 1st division club team in the local league but to no avail. That was when corrupt and greedy politicians were all running behind him to joined their parties because of his popularity. In that moment, some experienced political leader in Africa called him and advise him to contest for himself since they all want is presence among them and denying him of what he deserved as the FA President. That was how George Weah political ambition came to life. My brother; in Liberia, there are corrupt officials that have served as FA President, they didn’t sponsored any club team locally and even never ever played soccer but George Weah who is the greatest Liberian and greatest african legend shouldn’t have been denied. Liberia is the oldest African republic and there hasn’t been any form of change to better the lives of its citizens and infrastructure developments,no drinking water, no food, no jobs,no electricity,no hospitals,no good schools and u name the rest, so it’s nothing new that the citizens are going to miss just to teach the so-call political cartels lessons to learn that’s why the majority voted George Weah. By: Patrick Flomo; student, Kentucky state school of business and computer science .

  49. This is not Zambia. This is the Republic of Liberia.We are not socialists. We are Democrats. The majority of us believe in the Devine Providence of the Almighty God, and the leadership of our Lord and savior; Jesus Christ.
    Please keep your confused mind to yourself.

  50. As a Liberian who follows national and regional politics in Liberia and Africa respectively, and who also studied global policy, I see this article as a serious affront on our democracy. The writer is not only ignorant of our history, but also very deceptive to his/her readers. A first grade history lesson to the writer; Liberia was founded by free-slaves from America and they’ve ruled the country since its independence in 1847. Weah is the second democratically elected native Liberian to assume the presidency. I didn’t support Weah’s candidacy over the incumbent Vice President obviously because of experience. But what was truly fascinating was that they both are native Liberians, and either would lead the country on a more prosperous path. Only few Liberians can compete with Weah on personal investment and level of love they possess for the country. Not even the current president, whom I consider more of an American puppet, can commensurate Weah’s contribution to peace, security, reconciliation, and nation-building. While the country was suffering from 14-year civil crisis which the current president supported, George Weah (playing football at the time) made it his personal agenda to push for ceasefire and national dialogue among warlords. He invested his personal funds into these negotiations and served as the country’s first peace ambassador. If this isn’t someone who will stand up for his country, then I want you to show me a more patriotic Zambian.
    Leadership is not a profession we learn in classroom; it’s intrinsic. And George Weah has been a leader all his life. Do I have concerns about some of his potential policies? Yes! But I also acknowledge that he will not let the country down. A boy from the slum shares the experience of the majority and will do everything to push his country forward. Will Liberia become more of a US puppet than Zambia? let’s wait and see.

  51. Yes. About 80% of liberians lack education when it comes to choosing a very good leader. Why is that? Because 90% of liberians are illiterate. The y choose their friend, and relatives, not the one who will do the nation good. So here we are again. Where do we go from here is our problem. If we can put in office a rebel leader who disgraced our nation and killed our people, than who else can be president for a country that will soon be forgotten. B t o v o liberians. Let us know that all of our neighboring countries will not open their doors for run away liberians any more. So we better unite and keep the peace and safety of us all. A MAN.

  52. If I understood well you said in Zimbabwe but this is Liberia where we practice democracy not detatorship. In Zimbabwe one man take the country as his farm. The president in Liberia that refused to be control by America was Samuel k. Doe and Charles G. Taylor but you see what happened to them ? Maybe is because of our many natural resources we have. For Zimbabwe I think they don’t have what America want because America can control any country they want as long as that country have what they want or need. So the the masses are not stupid.

  53. My good friend, do you think we do not know what we did to elect Mr. Weahfor the presidency in Liberia? Come on man, who are you to tell us that we made the wrong choice? The people of Liberia have spoken and no amount of foolishness will change the results of our decision . So if you have nothing good to contribute to our development, just keep quiet and give peace a chance.

  54. This comment about the people of Liberia and our president is very foolish of the publisher and it is a disrespect to the Liberian people, and your motives are wrong stay away from our country and talk about Zambia and not Liberians we don’t want any hard feelings.

  55. Thanks for the good write-up. Your points are genuine and I must applaud you. Across Africa, the political and socio-economic situations seem to be the same but there are slight differences. The situation in Zambia or in others African countries might not be as identical as Liberia’s. In other parts of Africa, countries are relatively growing and booming and this might be due to a number of reasons; educated people are meeting the plights of common people, top politicians are partly satisfying the constituents, uneducated and poor people are still making wise decisions, as percieved by them, even in the midts of their hardship, etc. Liberia is just the opposite of these reasons. I am not going to convince you on why Liberians voted George Weah as president. That is not what my comment is about. My comment is about people think it is a mistake that Liberians voted Weah as president. I don’t think it is a mistake when the majority are willing to accept whether or not he deliver. Moreover, I can tell you that he was elected because Liberians are tired seeing these old politcians who been in power for over half a century and have not done anything to improve their lives. Liberia is a very small country with just under four million people but a very small portion of that population enjoys the biggest portion of the resources. There is only one life to live. Some people, at age 25-30, have not seeing electricity or drank safe drinking water. So, why not try the other way around; uneducated, tired, and retired fool as coined by many? If you can put your faith and hope in the enlightened ones for over 50 years and they didn’t deliver, why not try the dull and inexpereince ones for just 6 years? Some other African countries might not do it but Liberians want to see someone new as president; regardless of whatever background you have. It is just my hope he will deliver as they expect but their hopes are not as high as many people in the diapora may think. Majority know that he will be confronted with many challenges. It’s not easy being president. What if the very same people find their way into government again or top positions, what difference would it make? Well, I can not answer such question. Afrcian politics is heavily being masked with corruption. Another thing, support from America has been a syndrome for almost two century in Liberia. Part of that reason is that we are an independent nation but not sure we can survive being independent. Americans interference in Liberia is a politics that is above the president. Hope it would change someday but I am certain it is not going to be under the Weah’s tenure. So in closing, Liberians are tired and they just don’t care whether or not Weah deliver. In fact, Weah didn’t come with a precise and concise manifesto but Liberians just love and want him to be president and some-how feel it’s one way stop the elites access to national resources, their voices will be heard, they will get some piece of the national cake, and their justice will be served before they die. Just my instant view!!!

  56. Don’t just sit behind a keyboard and insult good people in the name of nonsense. What do you know about Liberia? Do you know that Liberia has a different beginning to that of Zambia? Do you think you are wiser than those who made the decision to elect George? Why are you so foolish enough to address an entire nation in this manner? Next time you want to write, you just need to go beyond the ordinary.

    By the way, George is a sitting senator and hope you didn’t have problems with that. President Obama played basketball and yet performed beyond imagination. What you so-called African activists are not telling your followers is how to grow some balls and stop waiting on other people brain. productivity is the key to Africa’s success.

  57. Will you be man enough to apologize to Mr. Weah if he did for Liberia and Liberians what those that were politically bred couldn’t do? Liberians believe that Mr. Weah would make a difference after the so-called educated and politically bred leaders had failed them. Liberians will work with Mr. Weah for the good of Liberia. We will not sit back and wish for him to fail. There had been many leaders in Africa and there are still leaders that are very educated but where is Africa today. Were any Zambian in Libya? Why is it that Africans are fleeing their homelands every day in their thousands to seek greener pastures in Europe and other places? Is it because those they thought would have brought them some independence were in disguised? We believe that with God all things are possible and George Weah is a God fearing man and will put most of his critics including you to shame. In unity, success is sure. Stick with Zambia and leave Liberia alone.

  58. You are in no way helping the Liberians but creating confusion amongst the Liberians. Which country has stood against America and become successful? We are talking about peace not aggression. If you have nothing good for Liberia, keep quiet and leave us alone.

  59. The Liberian scenario and contributions to the liberation strugle has been very dismal, but to some extend progressing. Unfortunately, this masses action has categorically destroyed every attempt to rescue Liberia and Africa at large from the hands of the white imperialists. A neo-puppet has immerged in Africa for the colonialist entertainment and horse ride. A political neophyte, ready to implement orders from his masters. What a disgrace my country has brought to Africa and the world…

  60. I read every line, took in deep breath and now looking on to see what the immediate future holds. Weah is elected, certified and now awaits inauguration effective January 22. What more can we do, but to wait and see his play this time on the field of politics and not on the football field. We Liberians have decided an “entertainer” , but the rest of Africa hasn’t decided. Let’s see.

  61. You are said it all, we as Liberians will learn the hard way. The person who has led Liberians into this mess is president Emeritus Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

  62. Well said in deed is an error if not a mistake the Liberian had made to elect Weah as their 25 president. Am a Liberian but never voted for him because I know it is not his area. He is an entertainer not a politician. But there is a saying that goes like this ” majority carrys the vote” Does this saying applied to all elections? If so, why the American have an electoral college with few people to decide the faith of their nation despite majority vote? In short, am trying to say not in all cases majority vote prevails like what happened in my country (Liberia) Does this mistake happened because of the high level of illiteracy? Please tell me.

  63. You don’t have to be so harsh and vocal in addressing other people’s country or affairs in dat manner. Your speech or comments towards others should be very moderately. You don’t know much about Liberia and it’s people. Weather the people of Liberia made a mistake in voting George weah or not, dat has already been done. No amount of insults gonna change dat fact untill after 6 yrs. So plz b civil in addressing issues concerning other people’s affairs.

  64. Firstly, the writer is just as limited as his editorial for him to think that footballers are just limited to the football pitch. Muchmore former footballers.
    Secondly, the works of George M. Weah ( President-elect) on and off the pitch is impeccable and cannot be compare with that of Kalusha Bwalya. No disrespect.
    Thirdly, it is ignorant and naive of you to think that the out-going president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf tried all she could to uplift Liberia but it was’t working. A person who has failed to reconcile the nation, corruption is the order of the day, the countrt is in extreme economic plunder, massive unemployment is the order of the day, etc..
    Lastly, who would that strong-will man be? If you are talking about the out-going vice president Joseph Boakai, he has a record of slowness, and the ability to be used for anything by anyone. He also referred to himself as an “Old parked race car” that was parked for 12years not given a chance to play his role in serving the Liberian people under the Johnson-Sirleaf led government. Interestly, he said so to avoid being link to the massive scandals and corruption of the Johnson-Sirleaf led government. And if I will believe that he was indeed not given a chance to really serve or he was parked, so to speak, how then would he be able to stand up to Foreign governments or the American government as you indicated, if he couldn’t stand up against Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the her very corrupt goverment in which he served as vice president for twelve years.?
    Finally, if your only reason why you called the president-elect an “American puppet” and referred to Liberians as “criminals and utterly stupid” is because he is a former footballer and we elected him, then I don’t know what you are.
    There should be another reason that you are not telling us maybe. I don’t want to think that you are this naive and angry because we elected a former footballer. Hope I get answers to my questions.

  65. Hmmm, why Liberia at this time God? However, we are already into it and all we request of you now is your grace to carry us through. Sometimes, the will of the majority leads to wrong decision but has to prevail in the name of democracy.

  66. I am a Liberian who highly appreciate this article. We proffered our best but the majority tyrannized us by electing Amb. Weah as President.
    This is a decision we will live with for six or more years. I feel so happy that i never voted him…

  67. Your thoughts are were expressed, I hope that this message will circulate in all African Countries so that we can wake-up from our slumbers and put on our thinking caps in every electionary process. We must give people task according to their abilities and /or competence and sincerity in order to move forward in Africa. Thanks indeed my dear. Many want to see puppets as heads of state in African Countries so that they can continue to exploit Africa. We must continue to propagate these kinds of messages to our African brethren in order to have transformation and reawakening of our consciousness. One day Africa will be united and governed in One Big Hand….
    T. Damacious Saysay from Liberia

  68. “It is therefore criminal and utterly stupid of the Liberian people to celebrate the election of Weah…” Mainda Simataa insulted. Your article is baseless and you seem to be a mad man looking for attention. I think a civilized socialist revolutionary can discuss his thoughts without insulting another nation. It’s a pity for Africa, You are simply jealous over the civilized manner in which the Liberians conducted themselves throughout the electoral process. What a shame! You’re simply bitter for nothing. Who are you to question the choice of the people? Is this the practice of pan-Africanism or social justice you preach? I hope the next time you write about group of people, you’ll simply be economical with words.


  70. Who ever wrote this is an ass hole, Liberia is not Zambia and George Weah is not just an ordinary footballer he served as a peace ambassador than a senator . Kalusha was not a world class footballer and never held world best, African best and European best so he is down below George Weah standard. George Weah is a giant and can be what ever he wants to be that’s democracy in Liberia. Even a woman can become president in Liberia. Liberia is different from bush ugly people in Zambia.

  71. Thank you for your objective analysis. We hope and pray that we as Africans and especially Liberians will learn “A LESSON” from your report for the future. Keep up your good works. Happy New Year and May God bless the works of your hands.

  72. Well, the sad and bad thing about Democracy is if the crazy people are in the majority, they very crazy people becomes your leaders. It is sad but that is it. We will now have to all drink from the very well that we dug and finally learn the hard way. Only the good Lord will help us out!

  73. What a great observation on Liberia’s election of George Weah; I will forever remember this article. This is just what I have on mind for which I did not support his candidacy from the beginning; He is my homeboy, but not good for President. Thank you very much for this article; Liberians will learn the hard way just as it is stated in this writing.

  74. This is a brilliant piece. As a patriotic Liberian, I feel ashamed identifying myself as a Liberian after this clumsy mistake by the so-called lovers of Mr Weah. It is sad for the now generation and the one to come.

  75. This article is the very reason why we have such instability in Liberia today. EAB, you sound very much like the late Frank Tolbert- never repected indegenuous Liberians. Jerry Weion and the likes may not be pleased with your caption neither your analysis. People are tired with this congo man and country man bullshit. Some Liberians who can read between the lines will determine the implication of what you have written, Mr. TWP breed.

  76. Monopoly Capitalism is not us unfortubately not about race or ethnicity or religion. It is about the primate and primitive human instinct- GREED; an inherent psychological characteristic feature in all humans regardless of race or creed or ethnicity or religion. Greed is a mental in balance and psychological defect in everyone to a lesser or greater degree depending environmental curcumsrances (socio-economic and political).

  77. “Time will tell”, and the future will judge all Liberians, Africans and the world at large the rate and level at which a man can elect a celebrity to high offices or any office. Even though a man is always judge by his passed but the future will always be a challenge to every man so let it be with Mr. George Weah. If he thinks been President of a country is like been a football or soccer coach, Player, or president than let it be. It is left with Mr. Weah to vindicate his name like he did on the Football or soccer field. Please let the world not condemn him or his legacy too early yet but support and watch instead of abusing him. The Liberian people have chosen again setting history. If Mr. Weah fails he fails, Liberia fails and all celebrities fail; and if he succeeds everyone will be happy for the record set once again. So I ask all Loving people in Liberia and around the world to pray for Liberia and Liberians in their decision, for their president and not condemn him too soon. As For me, I believe that what a specialized Doctor cannot do in his field, a Professional taxi Driver or Grass Cutter will not do in the field of that Doctor no matter how professional of experienced the Driver or Grass Cutter is except if God agrees. Maybe it will be different in Liberia case that God been merciful will agree. Our duty is to pray for Liberia always until the middle or end of Mr. Weah because every good or bad will prevail but will come to an end oneday. The impact for the general good is all that matters. PEACE to Liberia, PEACE to West AFRICANs, and the WORLD.

  78. The writer very eloquently describes how unprepared George Weah is to lead Liberia’s highest office, and I agree as a Liberian. On the other hand, I would like to raise an issue missed by the writer. Havard trained Ellen Sirleaf had a blank check in the form of twelve years and a war weary young population to educate and provide basic services for, but she abused that trust and ran one of Liberia’s most corrupt government. She destroyed those young uneducated voters confidence and taste for more highly educated leaders, and that is why they turned to the footballer to save them from a hopeless future.

  79. You are as ignorance as your comments why dont you talk about the money that Helen Johnson and sons stold from the Liberian tax players. You have no idea of what you are talking about. Instead of criticising tyr and help to make liberia better

  80. Why people always interfering in issues that not concern them.Mr.My man do knows the history of Liberia? and know what weah has done for this country Liberia? I know someone foolish telling you to do this, you will pay the price for that. You think the Liberian people are stupid to elect weah as president? You are not just insulting President weah,but the entire citizens of this country.

  81. What is the track record of you Socialists, Pan-Africans, and Progressive forces?? You may brand yourself as a progressive but the truth is in the pudding. Have you moved the goal line 1 centimeter? African leaders have proven too selfish; they rule to gain wealth for themselves, their families and cronies. They don’t lead in earnest regardless of their professed ideology. Show me a candidate that is humble and loves their nation and I’ll show you a potentially good leader. That is what George Weah brings to the table. You can hire expertise but you can’t buy honesty and loyalty. Think twice before you display naivete.

  82. The best read on Liberian politics as relates to George Weah. Well said. Thanks. But we will watch as this leadership unfolds because the millions that stay believe Weah will bring the ultimate change are still reading post like yours and sulking their teeth, so let time be our waiting witness.
    We pray for success and fear it won’t come by force through the eyes of those who selected this captain, but again they were the majority, a democratic principle which holds only if the end results pay off.
    In the words of my favorite Nigerian nollywood actress Patience Ozorkor , aka Mama G, “we shall See.

  83. You should try to liberate Zambia from Communist Chinese control before talking trash about other countries in Africa. George Weah is no puppet for anyone. Your ideas about politics belonging only to a so-called political class is redundant just like your dead socialist ideology.
    Africa needs new outlook and new Leadership that is modern and visionary .In Weah Liberians are showing the world that leadership has to do more with a heart to do good for your fellow man and humanity .
    For your information, during the Liberian civil unrest he alone had Liberia’s image positive by personally spending a fortune to keep the country relevant through sports. He has been rewarded with Political office from a sitting Senator and head of Liberia’s delegation to the ECOWAS Parliament to Head of State.Detractors and agents provocateurs like you wouldn’t discourage young Africans who will no doubt be watching Weah change the lives of his people.


  85. It is sad that we are practicing democracy which speaks of the majority but it doesn’t mean that they are right! We just have to flow along now simply because the dark days are no longer comfortable for reflection anymore. We know that our president-elect is very incompetent, based on the fact that he had never demonstrated his ideas or views for the country politically but always talk love which is not practical in his own life. Again, we are at the mercy of God! Many years ago, it was Former president Charles Taylor who Liberians shouted slogans ”you kill ma-ma, you kill ma-pa, we will vote for you” and soon we realized our decision were wrong! Now our decision have been modified into something more crazier!!

  86. A well written and articulate article…. Until it came to the only leaders are from the ranks of the oppressed? Like footballers, those who are oppressed, and most Africans are oppressed, don’t generally have the exposure education or insight into globalised politics that is currently dominatsd by monopolistic capital. So having your only credential to lead as ‘being oppressed’ is nonsensisal and inimical to the very argument being made.

    What Africa needs is those people who have had the opportunity, like Professor Lumumba, to intimately understand the problems and challenges we face as Africans, through education and exposure. What we need is people, regardless of colour creed or privilege, who have the heart for the people and not the Hyenas (many of whom are from the ranks of the oppressed I should add).

    Like Madiba… you don’t fight racism with racism and you don’t fight oppression with suffering… we have the people, the the knowledge and what we need is the will to allow those with the skill set necessary to fight oppression to rise to the top.

    VIVA Africa

  87. If you can try and think of making your country a better one and stop saying nonsense about our country, that will be better for you…..
    Your self seeking president you had should have been ur issue to discuss and leave us!!!!
    God will bless, guard and direct our president …
    Stop the for nothing hate!!! Only in Africa you will see people hating other people’s success!!! Wicked people!!!!
    Just so you know,rejected stones can be use as cornerstone!!!
    Your career can never determine your future!!!!!
    What God has for you can never be taken away no matter your status nor anything!!!!it can only be delay but can never be denied!!!!

  88. Let me begin by quoting directly from your post:
    “The election of George Weah as Liberia’s 25th President is a mistake and tragedy for a nation that is yet to recover from the devastating effects of American sponsored political and economic instability!”
    I have a simple question: Did George Weah supervise this “economic instability”?
    Liberia has a much longer history of self-rule than most, if not all African countries. What did it earn them before George Weah?
    Your post was not at all kind to the Liberian people (I am not one) who made a choice. Your post was MOST INSENSITIVE and if you will forgive me, MOST IRRESPONSIBLE! What Liberia needs now is support – the kind that had been almost totally absent since “Independence”. Liberia does not need vicious attacks from people who probably have no direct information on what the country has been going through for more than a century.
    If you have no support to offer, please be civil enough to let Liberia and Liberians be!!!

  89. Who are you to put your dirty ass mouth where it dont belong. Stay out of liberian politics muthafucker!!! Write about your stupid country Zambia. Pussy!!!!

  90. Well written article. Majority of the Liberian people are uneducated and those were the voters. The few educated voters are all opportunists looking to rob the Liberian people blind. My heart is broken over the Liberian people infatuated with this incompetent footballfootballer, most especially his vice President killer Juah Taylor. For goodness sake, the woman has so much blood on her hands. They will learn. I will be ready to say i told you so.

  91. Who is this disgustingly useless excuse for a human being thinks he is to speak like this of our nation’s President and people? You are the big bastard from a failed lab experiment which obviously fried every gray matter in your fucking skull. If you were in Liberia, I’ll have u instantly incinerated and your entrails served as appetizers to my dogs. George Manneh Oppong Weah will be a better leader of Liberia than the entire cabal of psychopathically kleptocratic rabid dogs who have led your nation of Zombies from Zambia thus far. Shut your trash-laden mouth about my country and focus on screwing your Dad in his rectum. You disgusting piece of shit!!!!

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