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Zambia’s Mineral Wealth must benefit Zambians, not Foreigners


If God gave Zambia copper, then how come foreigners own and control all our mines?More on such hot issues on

Posted by Economic Liberation Association - ELA on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

| Liberate our Land |
| Liberate our Farmers |
| Liberate our People from Hunger |


Our vision is to see Zambia realise her economic freedom in our lifetime: so that all her 17 million people can live and work in a land where food, housing, free education and healthcare; and employment with security, will be a human right for all citizens, and not just a few. Zambia shall be free once again; and this time, for everyone and for all time!


We are revolutionaries: our mission is Economic Freedom; to liberate Zambians from poverty through the liberation of our economic resources which are still under the control of foreigners and their multi-national bandit corporation. We are volunteer freedom fighters: we don't get paid for what we do, but we do it anyway because if we don't, then the nation will perish. 
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Our revolutionary motto is "talk less, and do more". We work to build social, economic and political awareness and activism among our people through revolutionary campaigns, advocacy through various media and grassroots outreach programs, and activism and protest on the ground where the situation calls for it and demands it. 

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